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Job #112686
Job Title E T Consultant
Job Family Legal
Location Dili, Timor-Leste
Appointment Local Hire
Closing Date20-Jan-2012
Language Requirements English [Essential]

Background / General description

J4P is an analytical and operational program that supports the emergence of legitimate and effective justice systems in contexts characterized by institutional fragility, legal pluralism, and acute asymmetries of power. The program takes as its premise that issues of law and justice cut across all sectors of social and economic life, and that equitable development requires an engagement with the dynamics of existing rule systems and the relationships of power that underpin them.

The J4P engagement strategy includes actions in four domains:

1. Influencing policy dialogue and operational activities by creating a verifiable, empirically grounded knowledge base of the dynamics of local level decision making and dispute resolution processes in ways that promote the voice and interests of people who are typically marginalized from such decisions.

2. Enhancing the capacity of local agencies to conduct policy research and influence reforms by establishing partnerships with government, research and non-government agencies to enable them to source and apply the skills necessary to determine priorities, conduct research and be effective in policy and operational activities.

3. Designing, implementing and evaluating results-oriented operations in order to both to directly pilot the application of evidence gained through research and contribute to the activities of client governments, regional bodies and donors focused on economic growth, equity and conflict management.

4. Contributing to global dialogue on pro-poor justice issues by drawing on the experience gained to prepare high quality research products and presentations to share knowledge in ways that impact on global justice and governance reform policies and practices of development agencies.

In the East Asia and Pacific region, the program is active in Indonesia, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

The Timor-Leste program

To date, the Timor-Leste program has had two main areas of work. The first examined participation and accountability in sub-national governance through examining the operation of a number of Government programs at the local level (a block grant program designed to build local planning and financial management capacity, the country’s social protection scheme, and a cash-for-work program). The second provided analysis and advice in relation to: (a) the recognition of collective land rights in rural areas in the context of the establishment of a legal framework for the regulation of land; and (b) benefit sharing arrangements relating to agriculture in rural areas.

Emerging from the mid-term review of the program in 2011 is a new concept note for the Timor-Leste program. It focuses on the emergence of governance arrangements that support equitable outcomes across key areas where the contest over rights and obligations will be central to sustainable development during the coming period:
– Infrastructure (to enable both national systems -- relating to acquisition of land, resettlement, other social and environmental safeguards -- and capacities to be developed to increase the voice of poor and vulnerable groups in the process of planning and executing infrastructure projects.)
– Urban State Land (to enable national systems and capacities to be developed to manage urban state land more equitably.)
– Land policy and administration (improve national systems and capacities for assigning, administering and settling rights to land.)

The consultant will be involved in implementing this new work program, including contributing to analytical work, on project proposals and on supervising work conducted by external partners.

Duties and Accountabilities

The country coordinator / justice reform specialist will:

o In close consultation with the Task Team Leader, shape the strategic priorities of the program and manage it on a day to day basis in Timor-Leste;

o Draft concept notes, work programs, funding proposals and progress reports as needed;

o Lead the resident team in its discussions with internal and external interlocutors on all aspects of the work program focused on justice delivered locally and advisory services regarding community-investor transactions;

o Design, supervise and complete research and publications, technical assistance programs and pilot operations, and ensure timely delivery of high quality products;

o Monitor progress of the work program, and suggest potential adjustments in light of the changing country context and emerging needs;

o Recruit and manage consultants;

o Liaise with and support, as appropriate, other Bank task teams and the country manager in Solomon Islands;

o Actively participate in the Justice for the Poor community of practice to promote EAP-J4P strategic objectives, and represent J4P in conferences and workshops;

o Undertake ongoing discussions with the TTL about the progress of work program, and suggest potential adjustments in light of the changing country context and emerging needs;

Duration of contract
The contract will initially be for a period of twelve months, with the possibility of one twelve month extension (maximum), depending on business needs, availability of resources and performance.

Selection Criteria

o Degree in law [JD, LLB or LLM] or in social sciences or related area;
o Over 5 years experience in implementing development programs with a focus on justice or governance in developing countries;
o Demonstrated strategic and analytical abilities;
o Demonstrated understanding of justice, equity, conflict and exclusion in the broader context of development;
o Experience and expertise on either land issues, broad political economy analysis or demand side approaches a distinct asset;
o Demonstrated ability to engage with both state and non-state actors at the national and sub-national levels.
o Ability to lead a team and take the initiative;
o Experience in undertaking empirical research in, and analysis of, conflict-affected or fragile countries;
o Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to take the initiative and provide team leadership in a cross-cultural environment.
o Excellent written and oral and communication skills in English;
o Excellent organizational skills;
o A sound track record of preparing analyses and reports;
o Fluency in Tetum, Bahasa Indonesia or Portuguese preferred; if no existing language skills, preparedness to learn Tetum necessary.

The position will report to the Chief Counsel (LEGJR), the Justice for the Poor Program Manager and the Task Team Leader.

Timing and Location
The position will commence in January 2012 and will be based in Dili, Timor-Leste.


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