Senior Gender Adviser to the Secretary of State for Security (supported by UN Women)

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Terms of Reference
Senior Gender Advisor to the Secretary of State for Security in Timor-Leste

(Supported by UN Women)


Deadline: 5 December 2012


1.      Background and Justification

The Ministry of Defense and Security has delegated to the Secretary of State for Security (SoSS) authority in the areas and issues related to the design, implementation and assessment of the policies for the areas of public security, criminal investigation and immigration as defined by the Council of Ministers.  It is responsible for proposing the policy and drafting regulations for the National Police force of Timor-Leste (PNTL) and establishing collaborative and coordination mechanisms with other Government bodies to ensure security and build peace across its areas of responsibility.

UN Women, through its Women, Peace and Security programme, is supporting the SoSS to implement the project “Strengthening mechanisms for conflict prevention and peace building in the community”. The project aims for security sector reforms in Timor Leste to create a more secure environment for women by way of protection and better access to support services.

To date, country-wide efforts to mainstream gender issues in the security sector have largely focused on the work of the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL). While much progress has been made through these efforts, there is a need to consolidate and systematize gender mainstreaming throughout all the areas under the responsibility of the SoSS. To address this, the SoSS through support of UN Women is seeking the services of a Gender Advisor for the SoSS’s office. The selected candidate is expected to have the experience, knowledge and qualifications to advise the SoSS on all matters related to gender mainstreaming in national policies, reforms and planning processes.

2.      Summary of Key Functions and Expected Results: 

Under the overall supervision of the Secretary of State, the Gender Advisor will ensure that gender perspectives are analyzed, addressed and mainstreamed into all policies and programmes of the Secretariat to promote a more inclusive and sustainable security for women, men, girls and boys

The Gender Advisor is expected to perform the following duties:

·         Support the development of the draft National Action Plan (NAP) on UNSCR 1325, taking into consideration extensive consultation with relevant stakeholders and under the lead of the SoSS

·         Conduct capacity assessment of the SoSS on gender mainstreaming,  reviewing effectiveness of existing mechanisms, including on participation at Gender Working Group, for integration of gender into the security sector

·         Based on the above assessments, support the SoSS to develop a strategic plan on gender mainstreaming through its areas of work, including on capacity building.

·         Support the SoSS to implement its commitments under the National Action Plan on Gender Based Violence, in the strategic areas of Prevention of Gender-based Violence (Outcomes 1 and 2), Provision of Services to Victims (Outcomes 8 and 9), Access to Justice or “Lori ba Justisa” (Outcomes 3 and 6) and Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation (Outcome 1)

·         Develop a gender policy for the PNTL, ensuring extensive consultation with relevant stakeholders  and under the lead of PNTL

·         Provide technical advice for integrating of gender into strategies, policies, and  plans of  Secretariat of State for Security, the Directorate of Community Conflict Prevention and PNTL

·         Facilitate and support the design of reporting, data management and monitoring and evaluation system for gender equality and women’s participation in peace building outputs within the SoSS  

3.      Qualifications


·         At least ten years progressively responsible experience in the field of women’s empowerment and gender equality in post-conflict or least developed countries.

·         A postgraduate degree in gender, women’s studies or related discipline.

·         Knowledge of methodologies and best practices for promoting gender equality, equity and women empowerment in general and in security sector institutions particularly.

·         Experience with implementing gender mainstreaming agendas across a variety of sectors, including experience gender mainstreaming in security sector institutions.

·         Experience working with and building capacity of national security organs.

·         High degree of political sensitivity and demonstrated ability to achieve results in politically and operationally complex environments.

·         Knowledge of English necessary; knowledge of Tetum, Portuguese or Bahasa Indonesia would be an asset

·         Knowledge of and experience in Timor-Leste highly desirable.


Planning and Organizing:

·         Ability to plan work assignments, establish priorities and to meet strict assignment deadlines.


Coordination and monitoring:

·         Ability to build strong relationships with clients and to focus on impact and results.

·         Demonstrated aptitude to build effective partnerships with a diverse group of stakeholders.

·         Capacity to coordinate monitoring activities in the field, to mentor programme/project staff and provide guidance and support.



·         Compelling communication (verbal and written) skills, including ability to prepare reports, formulate and defend sound recommendations and articulate options concisely

·         Negotiating skills and ability to work at all levels with others to reach mutually benefiting and lasting understandings.



·         Excellent interpersonal skills; capacity to recognize and respond appropriately to the ideas, interests and concerns of others.

·         Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with people in a multi-cultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.  

·         Ability and willingness to build capacity of local staff in order to transmit knowledge and  skills in gender mainstreaming


4.      Timeframe

Contract Period: 10 months, January - October 2013



Applications (CV and letter of interest) should be submitted by: 5 December 2012

To the two (2) following addresses:


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