Invitation for tenders - Alterntive Energy Roadshow Events

14-12-2012 09:27

Invitation to Tender
Scope of Work for Service Contract - Alternative Energy Roadshow Events

Service Contract Title: Alternative Energy Roadshow Events
Duration: January 2013 - December 2013 (12 months) Reporting to: William
Baron (Programme Manager - Renewable Energy)

1. Background
In May 2011 Mercy Corps began implementing a three-year programme funded by the European Commission, addressing the issue of energy poverty in Timor Leste.  The objective of the programme is to facilitate access to alternative sources of energy and renewable sources of fuel in three rural and peri-urban districts of Timor-Leste through sustainable market-driven approaches. To achieve this objective, the programme is focusing on two main technological solutions: solar power for lighting and electricity generation; and fuel-efficient stoves to reduce firewood use. To promote awareness about these new technologies and the businesses in rural areas selling them, Mercy Corps is seeking a Timor-Leste business or organisation to organise a series of demonstration and promotion events in towns and
villages around the country.

2. Objective of Service Contract
The objective of the service contract is to promote awareness, understanding and enthusiasm for alternative energy products through a series of Alternative Energy Roadshow Events. Two types of Roadshow Events will be organised: first, in district and sub-district capitals; second, at the suco-level. The contractor will be responsible for developing an appropriate strategy for the events, but it is likely that they will include music, cinema, practical demonstrations and explanations, and question and answer sessions. The events should be dynamic, fun and involve audience participation as much as possible.The contractor will be responsible for the following activities: 
- Designing an appropriate strategy and schedule of activities for each of the two types of events
- Organising all logistics, equipment and printing for the events
- Delivering an estimated 30 roadshow events in towns and villages around Timor-Leste
- Monitoring attendance and collecting feedback from attendees

3. Schedule, location and duration
The events will be organised between February and April 2013, with the possibility of additional further events held throughout 2013, depending on performance. The first phase of events will be held in Ainaro, Manufahi and Dili districts, with subsequent events held in locations all around Timor-Leste. 

4. Application Process
Mercy Corps invites application from interested businesses or organisations in Timor Leste. Application should be submitted in English or Tetum, and should include: 
- A letter of interest including summary of past experience and description of proposed ideas for the events;
- Detailed budget for 30 events (10 in district towns and 20 at the village level)
Applications should be submitted by email to William Baron ( or by hard copy delivered to Mercy Corps' office:
Bairo Dos Grilhos Dili, Timor Leste. The deadline for submitting applications is Tuesday 8th January 2013. Offers received after this time will not be considered.


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