Country Representative Timor-Leste

22-09-2012 02:43


Role: Country Representative for Timor-Leste

Organisation: WaterAid Australia


Job description: With operations in East Asia and the Pacific, WaterAid Australia is looking for a Country Representative to lead, inspire and manage our existing Timor-Leste Country Program. You will lead our advocacy and influencing work in Timor-Leste and provide leadership and management to the Timor-Leste Country Program team. Developing our existing program, your work will include liaising with the Melbourne head office, empowering and developing local staff and partners and influencing public and private institutions on the impact that improvements in safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene can make to the poorest and most excluded.

This is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate your highly-developed skills and expertise in community development and WASH program management. You will be tasked with delivering a dynamic influencing strategy through establishing relationships with key stakeholders within Government, Parliament and the donor community leading to access to sanitation and water for everyone in Timor-Leste.

A proven and demonstrable record in advocacy, management and program development is essential.

If you are a leader and committed to transformational social change, please complete the application form and send with your CV to by 17 September 5pm (AEST) or post under confidential cover to Tanya Stelmach, International Programs Officer, Level 7, 176 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne, VIC 3002, Australia.


Closing date: 17 September 2012




Tanya Stelmach

International Programs Officer


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WaterAid in Australia

Level 7, 176 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne, VIC 3002 Australia


Direct Line: +61(0)3 9001 8241

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