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22-09-2012 02:43


Vacancy Announcement: 

Casals & Associates: Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist.


Casals & Associates is inviting qualified candidates to apply for an opening in Timor for the position of M&E Specialist with the USAID Foti Timor-Leste Program.  The program goal is to help strengthen the corruption fighting organizations in Timor, with specific support to several institutions:

The Anticorruption Commission

Office of the Prosecutor General 

Office of Inspector General

Secretary of State for Institution Strengthening

National Parliament

Non-state Actors

Casals also regularly work other corruption fighting institutions.

The M&E Specialist coordinates the performance of all of the Program advisors working with the above institutions, as well as helping the advisors to stay on track as the Program responds to needs from Timor-Leste counterparts.

The position also carries out several leadership roles, frequently interacting with USAID and the US Embassy as well as representing the Program with government counterparts.  

In addition to those official representative roles, the M&E Specialist also directs many projects, such as corruption prevention radio programs, and assists with the preparation and delivery of specialized training in financial investigation and other interesting areas.

Casals & Associates is recruiting to fill this vacancy immediately and we welcome qualified candidates.

Qualifications include: 

East Timor Citizenship

Language Fluency in Tetum and English.

Ability to collect and manage data.

Ability to provide simple written explanations of the data.

Ability to participate and engage in highly active discussions.

Ability to direct staff in simple project activities.

Please forward your CV to the address below to begin the discussion.



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