Building Construction Manager

12-12-2011 15:28

The European Commission-financed Rural Development Program Phase III (RDP III) in Timor Leste which is managed by Landell Mills Limited (LML) working in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries (MAF) and Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI) in the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste is seeking for a potential and well-experienced candidate for this position.

 Building Construction Manager

Term of Appointment: 6 months (with possible extension)

Duty Station: MAF Offices in Dili and Same, Manufahi

Report to: TA Team Leader/ Imprest Administrator


· Ensure the complete management of the construction of Suco Community Halls (SCHs) in Manufahi District, including planning, budgeting, organisation, procurement, human resources, work supervision, quality control, relations with authorities and stakeholders, administration, etc, especially:

o Initial contact and dealing with each Head of Suco and the representatives of the Local Communities to agree on the location, design and overall organisation for the construction of the SCH, including signing of an official agreement letter concerning the public status of the land where the SCH is to be built.

o Overall planning and budgeting of the works, including for materials, transport, labour, supervision, etc from initial contacts until final handing-over of the SCHs. This part of the BCM duty should be completed before the end of February 2011.

o Final design, BoQ, planning and organisation of works for each SCH, including revision of drawings (drafting to be done by a service provider), identification of and agreements with local workers (skilled and unskilled labour) and any other preparatory activity.

o Signing of an official agreement with the Head of Suco and the representatives of local communities, and possibly the Heads of local church and customary laws (Ketua Adat), on one hand, and the MAF / RDP3 management on the other. In this agreement, the local authorities should confirm that the land where the SCH will be built is a public (or community) land which will not be sold and remain accessible to all communities until 2013. The commitments of local construction workers should also be included. One person in each Suco should be employed as site officer (and nominated for this function in the agreement), to ensure that the BCM instructions are properly followed, daily work at site is well coordinated amongst workers, eventual problems are quickly informed to the BCM for him to find rapid solutions, etc

o Procurement of required materials to SCH sites in Sucos, including collaborating with the TA Contract & Finance Expert to prepare and manage supply contracts, organising the delivery of materials to sites, inspecting the delivered materials and securing their safe storage.

o Supervision of the work in progress, including technical advices to workers, clear instructions given to the site officer, quality control of the works, and quick solving of eventual problems. The BCM may also assist RDP3 in identifying the required furniture (chairs, tables, black board, info board, etc) in collaboration with PPL, and in the delivery to and inspection of the furniture at the site.

o Upon completion of construction and after delivery of the furniture, organise with the PPL the handing over of the SCH to the local communities through an official ceremony with local authorities and MAF / RDP3 management.

· Assist the PMU for the supervision of the other buildings to be built by local contractors through works contract

· Assist the Imprest Accounting Officer in the procurement of construction materials for the SCHs (specifications, identification of suppliers), and preparation of tender dossiers for the construction of other buildings (checking BoQ / cost estimates, specifications).

· Report primarily to the TA Team Leader / Imprest Administrator, and/or to the Imprest Accounting Officer. Reports secondarily to the MAF District Director and the MAF RDP3 Programme Manager.

· Any other duty assigned by the TA Team Leader / Imprest Administrator


· Graduated in civil engineering / architecture or equivalent

· At least 8 years experience in the design, planning and costing of building construction projects, with at least 2 years for small projects in rural areas.

· At least 5 years experience in the supervision of building construction projects, with at least 2 years for small projects in rural areas, including procurement responsibilities

· Demonstrated excellent inter-personal relationship skills, especially for mobilising and leading local communities, and dealing with local authorities;

· Good standard of English, in addition to Tetun and/or Bahasa;

· Computer literate using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCad, etc

· Autonomous, decisive and result-oriented while still respectful of people and hierarchy

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV with a Cover Letter to Marie Laure Bergey Finance & Contracts Expert at the RDP3 office in MAF, Comoro, Dili / MAF, Same, Manufahi or to by the 16th of December 2011. The CV should include name, age, contact information, education, qualifications and work experience.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted


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